Monday, February 2, 2015

I guess I have a partner in crime now?

That's if you really count this as a crime, which I think is questionable. That Russian girl was rude to me in the lobby this morning (though she may have just been hungover boys that I think about it), so I decided that she would be my newest Candid Camera contestant.

The second I got inside her apartment, armed with three new cameras plus the old one I fixed up, I noticed the multiple fire hazards littering the floor. Somewhere in another room, there was a soft crooning, almost like a dove. Also a violation of tenant policy, because birds will shit wherever it's the least possible to clean.

She clearly needed some supervision.

Unfortunately, she walked in while I was putting the cameras up in her living room. I didn't even have time to hide my drill. In one second, one miserable mistake that undid all of the work I've done for years, I was caught and I was ruined. The paint bucket spontaneously combusting  was just the rotten cherry on the fucked up sundae.

In the orange light, her eyes were inhuman. I knew, vaguely, that she was jabbering at me in Russian, but all I could focus on was the jail bars I could see encircling my future.

She asked me if I was spying on her  and the only thing I could think to say was something condescending about her paint rags. I guess I seemed to have bravado, because she stopped yelling and considered me for a second. I think, maybe, we understand each other.

When I got home,  I went to bed. My husband was asleep, so he didn't notice the flowers I arranged in the vase on our dresser.

Senka. I never knew her name before today. Senka.

It's beautiful.

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