Wednesday, April 1, 2015

I don't think I'll regret this at all.

The lazy bums in this damn building don't appreciate me! I'm justified in feeling out-of-sorts. Even my husband doesn't care about me, and God knows I do everything for him.

Jessica Star ran right into me holding some kind of huge, heavy file. When I looked up, she was already dashing to the elevators. She didn't even care that she knocked me down. She's just a rude little person, isn't she? I think she's crossed me before... I can't remember the specifics. But then, the specifics don't really matter, do they? What matters is, she doesn't respect me or what I do for her.

And goddamn Troy Holden, that little jerk I fired about six weeks ago! Well, his apartment is a huge mess, which I noticed when I planted cameras earlier this week. And what do I see the first time I check on him? Complaints! Complaints about the rat he saw in the elevator! News flash, honey, it's winter. Rats come inside during the winter. They do it at the Hilton, they do it at the White House, and they do it here. I don't understand him, anyway. He has all of these groupies, little teenage college students, but I'm pretty sure he's in (or almost in) his 30's! It's all just a little distasteful, in my opinion.

The worst, though, is that Senka has been ignoring me. Why, she passed me in the lobby just today and didn't even make eye contact, though I followed her with my eyes the whole way from the elevators to the front doors. Didn't we have a deal? I thought she liked me.

Why isn't anybody behaving? Why do I always have to be the one to correct people? Why can't they just act right without my guidance?

I guess it's impossible to know these things. It's just the role in life that I've been given - the enforcer. The one whose job it is to move everyone down the path to civilized behavior.

I created an anonymous YouTube account and uploaded the videos.

Jessica Star? Now the whole world knows you spend your time looking at pictures of little girls in your apartment.

Troy Holden? I hope you didn't want to keep your nightmares a secret. Who did you kill? You certainly yell a lot about how you "killed her" in your sleep.

Senka? Do you remember that 7th floor apartment you broke into? Well, now everyone else remembers it too.

I sent the link ( out to everyone on the Dreamwood Terrace email list, from a newly-created anonymous email address. Maybe next time they'll think twice about crossing me.

Now, all that's left to do is wait.

Oh, and Catherine? I know you stabbed that man in apartment 43. I have footage with me and in other, secret locations. But you've never been rude to me or misbehaved before now, so I see no reason why we couldn't work something out. If you somehow read this (and I get the feeling that you might, for some reason), why don't we see if there's another way we can go about disposing of the evidence? You have a week.


  1. Dream Topic: The woods
    Prophecy: Beware the man with the red framed sunglasses
    Suggestion: Dialogue with your husband to objectively deepen the relationship? Unless it is a narrative choice not to include that...

  2. Magdalene. Now is not a good time. You do not want to play with me.